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Reviving a Crashed WordPress Page with Elementor

In the vast world of WordPress, occasional hiccups and crashes are an unfortunate reality. As a web developer, I recently encountered a significant challenge when a large WordPress page built with Elementor crashed unexpectedly. To make matters worse, there was no previous backup available. However, armed with determination and problem-solving skills, I embarked on a mission to resurrect the page and triumph over this daunting setback. Join me as I recount my steps to fix the issue and breathe life back into the damaged page.

Securing a Current Site Backup:
Recognizing the importance of safety nets, I prioritized taking a full backup of the current site. This ensured that any changes I made would be reversible and minimized the risk of further damage.

Unveiling the Post Meta:
To delve deeper into the issue, I meticulously examined the post meta, utilizing the current page ID as a guide. This allowed me to identify the specific elementor_data meta row associated with the problematic page.

Decoding the Elementor Data:
With the meta row in hand, I set out to decode the JSON data concealed within it. What I discovered was intriguing yet troublesome—a half-completed custom HTML code that had triggered the page’s crash.

Rewriting the Faulty HTML Code:
Faced with a partially constructed HTML code snippet, I harnessed my coding expertise to analyze and rectify the errors and inconsistencies that had disrupted the page’s functionality. Careful attention to detail and thorough debugging were crucial during this stage.

Updating the Meta and Restoring the Page:
Equipped with the reworked HTML code, I proceeded to update the meta associated with the page. With bated breath, I refreshed the page, and to my delight, it sprang back to life! The crash was resolved, and the page was once again fully functional.

post meta row update

Navigating through the treacherous waters of a crashed WordPress page is undoubtedly daunting. However, armed with the right strategies and a determination to overcome challenges, it’s possible to triumph over adversity. This experience not only showcased the importance of regular backups but also highlighted the value of meticulous problem-solving and a deep understanding of web development tools like Elementor.

As web developers, we often find fulfilment in the process of troubleshooting and restoring functionality to websites. I’m grateful for the opportunity to have tackled this crash head-on and witness the triumphant revival of the page. If you ever encounter a similar predicament or require assistance with Elementor or WordPress, don’t hesitate to reach out. Together, we can conquer any obstacles and keep the digital world thriving!